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Site Quality Audit  google panda

– Thin content assessment – do you think that some pages shouldn’t be indexed by Google?
– Page speed analysis – website speed check and how can it be improved
– Malware scan
– Examination of robots.txt files, cannonicals, etc
– Examination of url structure
– Checklist evaluation from Amit Singhal’s [click here]

What is Panda algorithm?

Google created in 2011 an algorithm to make the difference between sites – Panda, in order to raise in searching the sites with a quality content, and the ones that copy the content from other sites to put them behind in searching. Annually, major changes take place in the Panda algorithm, so Google becomes better in finishing the bad sites. From 2015, Panda it is running weekly, so major changes will be for the ones that brake the rules.

As you can see in the images below, Panda struck pretty bad and the site suffered a decreasing of 40% from the total traffic.

recovery google panda
google panda penalty

What changes do we need to do to see changed in Google for the Panda algorithm ?

Panda takes care of the site content, everything that you can make in the site regarding the content for your users, will bring a good prize from the algorithm.

What shouldn’t we do?

– To have many pages with poor content
– Useless pages
– A lot of content that is not from the site
– Autogenerated content
– Pop-up commercials and not only that
– Hard navigation until the desired page

Somebody copied my articles! Will I be penalized by Google Panda?

Panda penalizes the sites that copy the content, not the ones that put the content first. In the most cases, Panda does its business good , so the ones that copy your articles will be penalized.

Are duplicate descriptions of the products on the sale sites a problem ?

When Panda visits the site, it must decide for the same type of product that is in the top in Google search. The majority of admins redo the description of the product, so there are no problems. In general, there are cases in which Panda affects this problems , because the content is not good enough for the users.

I need an audit for links if my site was struck by Panda?

In theory, no, you do not need it, because Panda is not related with Penguin algorithm. If you consider that you put unnatural links, then you have a problem with Penguin also.

Price: 500 $

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