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What is the Penguin algorithm? google penguin

It was released first time in 2012, being created to make the difference between the natural earned links and the unnatural ones, for the best high position in search . If you saw a visible decreasing in searching you have problems with the links. Down below you have the dates in which the Penguin algorithm has been updated.

– April 24th, 2012

– May 25th, 2012

– October 5th, 2012

– May 22th, 2013

– October 4th, 2013

– after 16th October 2016 , the Google Team announced that the algorithm runs continuously. This makes that kind of penalty to be more difficult to find.

All of the SEO links are created to seem unnatural?

There is the possibility that the SEO companies to obtain unnatural links. A good seo company brings quality products , attracting as many visitors as possible , obtaining this way natural links, respecting the Google’s policy. There are also seo companies which obtain unnatural links, so the problem with manual or automatic penalty appears, Penguin, disrespecting the Google Quality Guidelines. A few examples of links that broke the Google policy:

– links created only in directories just for obtaining the link

– links from bookmark sites

– links from bad quality articles

– links from guests posts

– payed links

It is possible the recovery from the Penguin?

It is possible but is not going to be easy. To remove the penalty you need to do this:

– backlink audit – you must to an analysis of the all backlinks

– on site changes – to make changes in the website


Do you have experience in Google Penguin?

Yes! We managed with success to resolve the problems of the sites with the help of Penguin.

penguin recovery service

This website it is a big portal with a very good content and natural links. Those had problem when they bought a very big number of links. We resolved their problem with success and the results were favorable in a short time.

Another example it is the site below where the problem was similar and the recovery was also very good.
penguin service

In some cases we don’t see the same recovery, but we observe that we passed over the Penguin penalty.
penguin recovery

Price: 500 $

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