Manual Penalty Removal

1. Pure spam penalties

Have you recently received Pure Spam from Google? I assume that you searched about this kind of penalty . This can be the end of a site, disappearing all the pages and the rank. Our site can help you to remove the penalties.

In this page I will describe for you about the Google penalties, and also the presentation of our services to remove any kind of manual penalty from Google.

2. My experience with pure spam manual actions

Google offers o simple documentation on the Pure Spam penalties, the majority who encountered that problem doesn’t know why. I managed to do a list with the factors that may caused the issue. I will present you shortly: the first step will be to watch this video with the boss of the SPAM team, Matt Cutt:

In this video, Matt explains some possibilities that led to the penalties. He says that rarely people apply for removing the ban , but from our experience it is not like that. We can remove this type of penalty by convincing the Google Team that we have a valuable site for its users and it is safe, deserving in this way to be in the search engine.

3. How do we find out if our site has been penalized?

When we get manual penalty we will be announce in Google Search Console ( Webmaster Tools) and on email.

google pure spam

If we don’t have the GSC domain or if we added it after the penalties, we won’t be able to see the previous received messages. After we added the domain in the console, we will go in “Search Traffic” section – – > “Manual Actions” , there being able to see if there are problems or not.

remove pure spam

Unfortunately, in the most cases you will find out that the entire site was removed . You can find out very easy by ussing the example in the below photo:

test google pure spam

Possible reasons for “Pure Spam”

Many persons emailed me that they have no idea why they received ban. Here you have a list with some of the possible reasons that led to the manual Google action.

[1] Domain used previously for Spam

Have you bought recently the domain? You can check this out by accessing . It is possible that the domain was penalized at his previous owner , in this case you need to send a reconsideration request.

[2] Automatic content generation

Google may make you confused when it says “ automatically generated gibberish”. In other words, if you have a website that generates the content automatically without any sense, it is obvious that Google considers that you don’t do anything but spam. Sometimes, other sites may receive this penalty when the admins use an own translating tool. I think that sites with a poor English and full of mistakes will get ban from Google.

[3] Scraped Content

If you received pure spam penalty, and your site contains information found everywhere, so Google sees this content as being “Scraped Content’ for sure, even though you don’t use tools of that kind. Google offers us some examples of “Scraped Content”:

– sites that copy content and republic it from another sources without adding value to the original content
– sites that copy content and republic it by modifying a little bit from it [ synonymous with replacement or automatic techniques ]
– sites that reproduce content from other sites without adding a benefit for the users
– sites dedicated to steaming [ embedding ] , video content or images or other types, without value for the users.

A common type of sites that I know to receive “pure spam penalty” are the ones that offer desktop wallpapers , office themes or colored pages for children. These sites contain images from other sites being organized in categories. In the most cases the content on the site it is unique, but the photos are taken from other site, modified a little bit , leading to this penalty. I managed to help a lot of sites with success .

[4] Cloaking

Cloaking means that you show a content to the users, and to the search engine another content. In the most cases this leads to a ban for sure. An example will be using a plugin for protecting the images not to be stolen , and a plugin leads to cloaking. Why? The Google robots see an image , and the users see other type of image. In other cases, plugin removal leads to another type of penalty like “thin content” , some pages are indexed again, bot not all of them.

[5] Repeated or egregious violations of Google’s quality guidelines

sometimes, if a site is weak in content and without value for its users, Google can stop the robots access for indexing it. Here are some examples:

– instructing the users on how to manipulate Google. I saw some sites that received pure spam not because of autogenerated content, scraped content or cloaking. I am very sure that those received penalties, because those were publishing articles on how the algorithm can be manipulated, and other things like that, blackhat SEO or harmful negative SEO. Why would Google want to index these sites? Well, by this penalty Google says no for indexing these sites. It is not necessary to ban all the sites that are against Google, but only those that public substantial about cheating on google.

– Owning many sites targeting the same topic

I say many sites in which an owner of a lot of sites on the same topic was banned on all of the sites at the same time. These things happen often, being classified as thin affiliate sites, having just poor content and cloaking.

Brad Kenneth review your pure spam site

if you have a site with pure spam manual action, I can help you to remove this penalty. The price for reviewing your site is 300$. after my analysis you will receive:

– why Google banned you
– my advice for penalty removal
– I will write for you the request for removing the ban

Price: 300 $

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