Traffic Drop Assessment

– Analytics analysis – who is guilty for the decreasing? Panda/ Penguin? The site respects Google’s Quality?

– Keyword raking analysis – what words are lost? What pages lost rank?

– backlink overview- the analysis of the links to your site

– content quality overview – the content analysis

– user frustration issues – design analysis and time spent on the site, the rate of rejection [CTR]

– report – the full analysis of the site

Traffic drop assessment

Who is guilty for the decreasing of the traffic? It is the Panda/Penguin update?

You noticed in the last period a significant decreasing In the web traffic but you are not sure why? It is very important to know why this thing happens as soon as possible to fix the problems. We encountered problems in which the web admins gave disavow with links , although that wasn’t the reason.

How can I figure out the site’s problems?

We need access in google analytics to read the problems. You can also use and analyze some seo problems to conclude what’s happening.

What Is it included in this analysis?

For each verification I will spend a lot of hours to verify all of it. The main target is to find and fix the problem in the shortest time possible.

Price: 600 $

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