Unnatural Links Penalty Removal

We are an experienced team that managed to remove a big number of manual penalties for unnatural links. At the smallest price we can help you.

How do we find out if out sites has been manually penalized?

The easiest way is to enter the Webmaster Tools with your own Google account , the Search Traffic section , then Manual Actions. If you don’t have the message “ No Manual Webspam Actions” it means that you have one of the algorithms: Penguin/ Panda. If you are not sure yet, please consult Traffic Drop Assessment.

manual action removal

How did I take this kind of penalty?

This means that a Google member entered the site and saw that you broke the Google’s rules and decided that you deserve total or partial penalty. We don’t know exactly, yet, how it is analyzed a site. Maybe it was reported by the rivalry or other users. There is also the theory that the Google members analyze randomly some sites, and you had that bad luck.

How important it is to remove the penalties?

Depends on what type of penalty you have , partial or total. If you have partial penalty, then just a part from the website won’t appear in searching anymore, and if you have total penalty, then the whole site it is removed.

manual links penalty

Even the partial penalties can affect a lot the traffic of the site, you will be forced to remove the penalty, because the traffic is going to be affected on a long term.

manual penalty

When a partial action it is applied, the search engine does not count the value of links that are thought to be unnatural. So, after the partial penalty removal, the site won’t recover its initial rank.
You have a website below that has been helped by us to remove the partial penalty.

remove links penalty

How do we remove the penalty?

– we analyze the whole list of backlinks by using ahrefs.com, majestic.com, opensiteexplorer.org and Webmaster Tools

– manual verification of each anchor text and the percentage of division

– we contact the sites if it is possible

– we do the list for disavow

– we write and send the reconsideration request

How long it takes to remove a penalty?

Each request varies from 4-6 weeks. In the most cases it take between 3 and 10 days.

Price: 400 $

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